BLOG 2015



Sophie Heron, owner of the woodworking buisness 'Made by Herons' as seen on Channel 4's George Clarke's Amazing Space, joined us at Retro Dub 2015 where people had the opportunity to purchase some of her amazing products. Based in Leicestershire, she creates small homewares, utensils, and other quirky items for your bug's and buses. She designs and creates these from locally sourced reclaimed wood from reclamation yards, firewood piles, offcuts from joinery shops, and even skips. Each piece gives new life to condemned wood, telling the story of an old life and new, where she handcarves her products using traditional woodworking tools, which are then sanded smooth and finished with homemade beeswax and mineral oil balm. Sophie began working with wood two years ago with reclaimed pallets but quickly turned to hardwoods and carving for the satisfying, intricate and detailed nature of the work. Her latest project involved the conversion of a VW campervan, fitting it out with wooden adaptations of the original plastic and metal fittings. Sophie's work was featured on Channel 4's George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, and you can check out her unique campervan in this video.

SG Percussion!

Trading in handmade caj√≥n drum boxes and other percussion gifts, SG Percussion provide a vibrant and lively display, offering demos and lessons. Set up in 2011 by Spencer Gilroy, a gigging drummer since 1985, he designs and manufactures the selection of drums, incorporating his drummer's perspective to the sounds they produce. The drums are hand made in their workshop in Darlington, with them being traded at festivals and markets up and down the UK, as well as online. 

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